Case Study: SecretHub

Case Study: SecretHub is a SaaS for Secret Management. All software needs secrets to access other resources: encryption keys, API tokens, database passwords. SecretHub helps teams deploy those application secrets to any cloud with a secure, automatic and reproducible deployment process. We launched a highly available and secure SaaS offering Secret Management.

The Lean Startup Methodology

As the first hire, I was involved in many fields of building a business following the Lean Startup Methodology. I was mainly responsible for improving software engineering methods of the development team. I focussed on execution and getting to the minimal loveable product. We frequently performed customer interviews in a fast feedback cycle. We signed up the first customers successfully.

I helped design and build SecretHub from scratch. As a SaaS offering mission critical secret storage we needed a reliable infrastructure. We adopted AWS and build our infrastructure Scalable. Terraform is used to provision our infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code.

Our application consisted of a client application and API. These were build in Golang. The API was hosted in Docker. For the application, I was responsible in designing and implementing the encryption and authentication Scheme. All code was deployed automatically with CI/CD pipelines. The client is open-source.

Steffan brings technical acumen, a curious mind and a focus on your business to any conversation. He spots the things that fall through the cracks and picks them up.   When everything seems to go wrong, like deadlines will be missed, Steffan gets the team together and carries them across the finish line. Weekend, day or night, he’s there for you and your business.  Every team should have a Steffan.

Marc Mackenbach, founder of

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