I am Steffan Norberhuis and I help build Agile teams that use DevOps to build Cloud Native Systems. Combining technology consultancy with team coaching, I build mission-critical services that innovate on customer value. My approach is team centric to achieve durable change.

As a freelance consultant, I have worked for multiple companies ranging from startups, mid-size organizations to big corporates. You can look at my past projects to see what I have been doing. I regularly speak about topics in Agile and DevOps.

Agile Teams

Teams can build amazing products that customers want by adopting Agile. Agile comes in many forms: Scrum, Kanban, or Lean Startup. My goal is to help teams find their perfect style by Continuous Improvement. While it is through my experience as a Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II), or Kanban in DevOps Teams, and implemented the Lean Startup at startups. Using Lead Time as the primary metric to measure of success. I can coach your teams to improve using Agile.


DevOps helps teams speed up their feedback cycle by breaking the barriers between development and operations. Every process between development and operations is automated. I help achieve Continuos Integration / Continuos Deployment. Teams take on ownership of their services. I help organizations adopt DevOps and strive to deliver value faster in smaller increments.

Cloud-Native System

Cloud finally allows a development team to be fully independent in delivering value at scale. I know what it takes to build cloud-native services that scale. I design architectures that provide value to customers 24/7. I specialize in mission-critical services combining reliability with innovation through small, rapid changes.  I have experience in deploying scalable infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code. On this infrastructure I build and deploy Cloud-Native code that run in Containers or totally Serverless applications.

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